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About Bocks Identi Company

 Since its inception in the 1940’s, Bock’s has grown in scope. Bock’s was the first to make a plastic neck chain tag in 1943, an identification leg band in 1959, a brisket/dewlap tag and neck straps for horses in 1964. Bock’s is the most well-known manufacturer of innovative, highly visible, identification products in North America. We continue to grow by providing well designed products, at a fair price, with prompt and friendly service. Bock’s Identi  furnishes identification products to a diverse industry base including dairy, ranching, agriculture, industrial, manufacturing, leisure, and more.

We invite you to take a moment to learn about our history:

Bocks Identi Company was founded in 1942 by George W. Bock in Mattoon, Illinois, where his entrepreneurial business began. Owner of Monarcha Oil Company and a 60 acre farm just east of Mattoon, George began making numbered tags for his own cattle back in the days when the advantage of having individually numbered animals was just beginning to be understood.

By 1956 the market for the Bock products was fully developed and the company was incorporated. It was moved from the farm to two other Mattoon locations before finally settling in our current location. In 1976, George retired and sold the business.

Current leadership at Bock’s will continue to focus on customer responsiveness in the marketplace and high quality products.

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